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If you’re thinking of expanding your business, need extra storage for a boat or plane, require additional work space for home projects or just feel that some more room is needed for any reason, steel buildings have plenty to offer. We have a number of different metal buildings for sale, each of which showcases the high grade materials and exceptional build quality which are hallmarks of our product. If you’re looking for a straight-forward accommodation option at a highly competitive price, we’re here and happy to help.

If Time is Critical, Metal Building Kits are Ideal

For many of our customers, timing is critical! Opening a new set of premises, transferring existing projects to fresh accommodation or ensuring that suitable storage is finished on time to house a new truck or plane all require swift completion of a suitable structure. Rather than wait months or even years for local contractors in Hill Country to complete a stonework building, why not opt for metal instead? Designed to last long and remain immune to many common weathering agents, steel buildings are great low-maintenance options.

Steel Building Kits Come in All Shapes and Sizes

One of the key benefits of opting for steel constructions is the wide range of options there are for different sizes and designs. Whether you need a wide, low structure to house an aircraft or a high, broad building for industrial purposes, we can normally create what you’d like for far less than you might think. Particularly if your end use requires a set of dimensions not commonly found in bricks and mortar, a steel kit can work really well.

Proud to Serve Hill Country Residents

We are a local company that endeavors to provide all our customers with a winning combination of top grade projects and friendly, professional customer service. Easy to maintain and quick to install, it’s little wonder a growing number of businesses and residential customers are choosing the benefits which metal buildings can bring. Call us now at (888) 442-4140 to discuss your options.


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