Designs That Make An Impact…

At Impact Building Systems, Inc we specialize in pre-engineered, steel buildings and prefabricated, metal building systems. 

Our building kits are available in a wide range of dimensions and designed for customers that need weatherproof structures—FAST. We also offer customizable building options tailored to customer specifications. 

Top contracting firms in the U.S. and abroad trust Impact Building Systems, Inc for quality, customizable metal buildings, competitive steel building prices, and award-winning customer service.

What will you build today?


Metal Building Design

Metal buildings are an excellent option to non-traditional building styles. Non all building designs or dimensions lend themselves to more traditional construction materials such as, bricks, concrete or wood.

At Impact Building Systems, Inc we like to think “outside the box” to better serve our clients who are looking to build more non-traditional designs such as indoor horse riding arenas or aircraft hangars. 

If your project involves the construction of an oddly shaped building or purpose built storage premises, we can help! Cost effective, highly robust, low maintenance, and immune to most weathering agents, metal buildings are an increasingly popular choice and at Impact Building Systems, Inc—we’re here to help.