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What comes next after your primary and secondary framing have been erected? Your building is starting to take shape. Now it is time for the external body of your building, the panels. Panels come in many different options. Choosing the right type of panel for your project can be difficult. So, let’s talk about the selection of roof and wall metal panels we have to offer at Impact.

Roof & Wall Metal Panels

The following panels can be used for both roof and wall applications. These panels versatility make them a popular choice for clients and builders alike.

  • 7.2 Panel – The symmetrical rib 7.2 Panel offers excellent spanning and cantilever capabilities.
  • Artisan® – The Artisan® panel can be vertical, horizontal, perpendicular or skewed to the building line, allowing the designer to create with multidimensional freedom.
  • PBC – PBC panels are attached to a building structure with exposed fasteners.
  • PBD – The ribs in the PBD panel are symmetrical from top to bottom, which makes this panel ideal as a roof liner.
  • PBR – This type of metal panel provides various designs through horizontal and vertical options and is considered a staple.
  • PBU – PBU (U-Panel) metal panels are the most versatile and cost-efficient type of panel in the industry.

Several of these are also commonly used as indoor panels, namely in mini-storage buildings while some of these are favored more towards roof or wall use,

Metal Panel Systems

The particular panel chosen will come down to a number of factors. We group panel types in subcategories within the categories of Roof Panels and Wall Panels. These subcategories for roof panels are concealed fastening systems, exposed fastening systems, standing seam systems, curved systems, insulated systems, soffits, and under-hung canopies. The choice in what type of roof or wall system you choose will come down to design and aesthetic preferences.


Metal Roof & Wall Accessories

After you have chosen a roof system and color, you may want to add various accessories. A common accessory to save on electrical needs for you building are Light Transmitting Panels. Light Transmitting Panels are opaque in transparency, offering lighting and privacy. LTP’s come in many different panel shapes and fit with most roofing systems. Another valuable electrical cost saver are ventilators. Vents can be placed along the cap of the roof, facilitating airflow within your buildings. There are also multiple insulation options for all roof and wall systems, besides insulated panels. Additionally, there are numerous external and internal wall accessories and panels to choose from like facades, windows, walk doors and roll-up doors to name a few. If you are having difficulty deciding or want to get started on a project of your own, please fill out our Contact form or Quote form; or simply give us a call at 888-442-4140.


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