Why Choose Steel? – Economic Value

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Economic Value

Are you looking to build for your business or residence? Are you concerned about costs and life value of our structure? Steel is one of the safest investments you can make when choosing a building material. It’s many unique attributes have made steel one of the most trusted and long-lasting options in creating and maintaining economic value.

Design Flexibility

Pre-engineered steel offers increased flexibility across several design aspects such as, long spans, bay spacing and framing layout, and facilitation of curves. These design features allow for the maximization of usable floor space and the creation of large open spaces. The most ambitious designs can be achieved using steel, giving architects the freedom and flexibility to create truly unique and iconic structures. Building utility can be pushed to limits not available with other building materials, allowing the most industrial of buildings to generate lasting economic value.

Construction Cycle Time

Construction is often a time-consuming headache for the average individual. Labor and production can take months for most standard homes and, move-in ready homes can take up to a year or more from start to finish. Pre-engineered steel is fabricated off-site, reducing time to structure completion, on-site labor costs, and construction waste. Shorter construction times mean you can occupy your building for quicker and have lower financing options. Off-site fabrication creates a more predictable schedule and can greatly reduce total project cycle time.

Insurance Savings

Using pre-engineered steel can create significant savings on builder’s risk insurance. Steel is non-combustible, reducing the risk of property loss and damage over the structure’s lifetime. This reduced risk leads to lower insurance premiums, thus saving the owner and builder a significant sum.

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