Vents and Hardware

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Use with Ridge Flashing

Metal Vent Material

Type Width Gauge Length
Metal 4 1/2″ 24 8′-0″

Includes flat base, two end skirts and single vent operator
Vent will accommodate up to 6:12 slope

Continuous Vents

Size Gauge
9″ x 10′-0″ 26
12″ x 10′-0″ 26

Vent Damper Operator Parts

Description Priced Per
Vent Cable (3/16″) Foot
Vent Pully Each
Vent Cable Clamp Each
Vent Eye Bolt (1/4″ x 2″) Each
Vent Pull Chain With Handle 3′-0″ Section
Vent “S” Hook (1 1/2″) Each