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Product Information

The 2500 Series roll-up door is a heavy-duty sheet door suitable for warehouse and freight buildings. These roll-up doors are constructed from durable 26-gauge, grade “E” steel and wind-rated up to 12′ wide, reducing the possibility of damage. They also come with an aluminum bar at the bottom to prevent corrosion. Our 2500 Series doors are designed to last, featuring minimal moving parts, high-cycle springs, wear strips and heavy “T” gauge brackets. The spring tension is adjustable, making these heavy-duty doors easy to operate. Several standard features that make these doors easier to install include: threaded inserts for sprocket attachment, pre-punched holes and a patented spacer for use with the 8:1 chain hoist or motor operator.



  • 26-gauge galvanized, Grade E hard steel
  • 5/8″ ribbed corrugation
  • Maximum opening size of 18′ x 18′
  • Siliconized polyester WeatherXL™ paint over prime coat
  • Available in 23 colors, subject to availability and varying lead times
  • 30-year film integrity warranty, up to 25-year chalk and fade warranty

Bottom Bar

  • 6063-T6 aluminum extrusion
  • 2” x 1 ½” galvanized angles
  • Bulb astragal
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts                     

Axle-Drum Assembly

  • 1 5⁄16” O.D. steel axle, 14-gauge
  • 11-gauge axle on doors over 10’ wide
  • Utilizes 12”, 16-gauge drums
  • Shielded steel ball bearings in drums
  • Full top sheet
  • Oil tempered torsion springs

A.C.E. (Advanced Curtain Engagement) guide system

  • 14-gauge galvanized steel
  • Adjustable bolt on head stop
  • Polyethylene wear strip
  • Pre-punched for lock and attachment fasteners


  • Saddle clamps with set fasteners
  • 10-gauge slide locks; 2 per door
  • 16-gauge step plate; 2 per door
  • ¼” steel welded angle T-bracket
  • Aluminum  “T” shaped lead stop                              
  • Opening Height Headroom
  • Doors up to 10’ have 20” of headroom
  • Doors 10’ to 14’ have 22” of headroom
  • Doors over 14’ have 24” of headroom                   


  • Insulation 2750 Series
  • Chain hoist 4:1 reduction
  • Vision panels (17” x 5”)
  • Hood
  • Steel mounting plates
  • Motor operated

NOTE: The 2500 Series is wind rated up to 12′ wide.