Classic® Series

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Product Information

The Classic® Series creates a clean, flush appearance when used as a canopy system. Panels may be secured to the structure by using clips or expansion fasteners. Both are positive fastened methods that create a secure interlock between the panel and structure. This versatile panel can be attached to the bottom of the roof structural system, whether it is light-gauge framing, purlins, structural steel or joists. When specifying the Classic® Series, please note the panel surface to be painted (top or bottom).


  • Coverage Width – 16″
  • Panel Attachment – Concealed Fastening System
  • Gauge – 24 (standard); 22 (optional)
  • Finishes – Smooth (standard); Embossed (optional)
  • Coatings – Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300, Signature® 300 Metallic