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You are almost at project completion after the panels are installed to the building. The final stage is the application of trim and accessories. Trim is designed to give your building a clean appearance while protecting and sealing interior components from external forces. There are numerous types and styles of metal building trim for all different uses. From base and corner trim, to rake and eave trim, our knowledgeable staff at Impact will be able to provide a nice finish to your metal building.

Metal Building Trim

Let’s start with explaining some of the trim typical on every metal building.

  • Eave Trim – Eave trim covers the seam created between the roof and sidewall panels on metal buildings with no overhang at the roof line
  • Jamb and Head Trim – Jamb and Head trim, or flashing, is used to cover the exposed openings caused by a framed window or door.
  • Rake Trim – These trim pieces cover the exterior edges of your roof line and, are angled to match the roofs pitch.
  • Angle Trim – Angle, or corner, trim is used where two panels meet at the edge of the building.
  • Base Trim – Used to transition between the foundation and the bottom edges of your wall panels.
  • Ridge Cap – These cover the top ridge line of your roof where the panels come together on either side.
  • Peak Boxes – Peak boxes soften the transitions where the ridge and rake trim meet on the roof.

Gutters and Downspout

There are also several types of more specialized trim that are used for various applications on roofs and inside panels, like transition and valley trim. One of the more common options for metal buildings, however, is gutters and downspouts which require a sculpted eave trim to accommodate them.  Gutters and downspout can be installed to direct to flow of water coming off of your building. These are popular for commercial applications, especially store fronts, and on churches.

Metal Roof Systems

What do you decide with dozens of metal roof combinations to choose from? There’s no need to be overwhelmed. Our product specialists at Impact Building Systems can help you to make your project a reality. Want to get started? Please fill out our Contact form or Quote form; or simply give us a call at 888-442-4140.

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