50′ X 100′ Metal Building

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The Perfect Space”

Are you looking to build for your growing business? With 5,000 square feet of space and a golden 2:1 ratio, the 50’ X 100’ is our most popular sized metal building due to its: affordability, versatility, and quick construction (low complexity). The 50’ X 100’ is ideal for most small office spaces and businesses featuring a back-of house and a front-of-house set up. Being able to section off and divide your building into smaller spaces and different sized rooms make the 50’ X 100’ perfect for many different business applications.

Diversity of Metal Buildings

Such as:

  • Churches – With the option of high cathedral ceilings and seating options for 200-300 individuals, depending on: congregation size, type of seats, and altar size; a 5,000 square foot steel building is an excellent choice for a growing church.
  • Warehouses – While most personal storage is done in large self-storage units, many businesses with large inventory or a back-of-house focus require a large, modular space to meet their needs.
  • Restaurants and Bars – Many causal restaurants with bars are usually about 5,000 square feet or less. With the need for a kitchen, storage, and preparation areas, the 50’ X 100’ is excellent at meeting this particular requirement.
  • Barns – Most modern barns are made with steel for their longevity and reliability, being able to build upwards, for a loft maybe, makes the 50’ X 100’ perfect for numerous agricultural applications. Choosing an open-air option for the 50’ X 100’ would be ideal for a riding arena as well.
  • Office Buildings – Not all office space exists in large skyscrapers or huge multi-story buildings. Most office space is used by small to medium sized businesses. With numerous aesthetic options for panels, trim and roofing, the modular and adaptable 50’ X 100’ makes providing office space for your business easy.
  • Shops – Do you have on-site production, such as a butcher or a baker? Maybe you want to open a print shop. The 50’ X 100’ has excellent storefront options with plenty of space left open for the behind the scenes action.
  • Aircraft Hangars – Need a place to store and service your personal aircraft? The 50’ X 100’ has you covered and then some, being able to accommodate numerous popular small craft.  Impact provides several options for hangar doors.

Adaptable and Unique Metal Buildings

With all the options offered by Impact, from exterior and interior panels in a variety of beautiful colors, to ridge vents, skylights and, much more. Your steel building doesn’t have to settle for a boring dull box but, can be an attractive and eye-catching asset for your business.

Our commitment to making your metal building a unique and affordable space, that suits all your needs, is second to none. With your building’s adaptability as prefabricated steel, remodeling and expanding your building as your company grows will never be easier.

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